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Norwegian Catapult – Fast Track Your Ideas

image of catapult project group
Photo by Siva - From left: Bodil Valland Steinhaug, board member ILAB, Anders Haugland, Managing Director VIS, Inge Ådland, Senior Business Developer VIS, Jon Oddvar Hellevang, Senior Ocean Technology Innovator GCE Ocean Technology, Tor Instanes, CEO Marineholmen Forskningspark, Tanja Hoel, former General Manager NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster.

Five Norwegian Catapult Centres have been established to provide the best competence and test equipment to accelerate your development from idea to the marked. Get in touch, so we can assist you on your way forward.

GCE Ocean Technology has been selected by Siva to run a pilot project to identify minimum 10 innovation projects throughout Norway within the ocean industry, which can be accelerated through the different centres.

World Class Centers

Five Catapult centers have been established, all with world class competency and equipment within their respective areas. The most relevant Catapult-centres, with main location in brackets, for the ocean industries are:

  • Ocean Innovation (Bergen)
  • Sustainable Energy (Stord)
  • DigiCat (Ålesund)

Webinar and Presentation

GCE Ocean Technology, Siva, Ocean Innovation and Sustainable Energy arranged a webinar 14 May to introduce the catapult centers for the ocean industry clusters.

Watch the webinar.
Download presentations from webinar.

Visit the Centres

A plan for visiting the different centers are currently being established and a visit to the Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult centre in Bergen is planned 11 June 2019.

Read invitation and register for this event.

The Norway Health Tech cluster is running a similar mobilisation programme targeting the Norwegian health tech industry. These visits are however open for all industries. Read programme and sign up here:

Go to information videos, flyers and presentation of all five Catapult centres.

Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang

Norsk Catapult

The Catapult centres assist companies in developing prototypes, offer expertise and equipment for testing, visualisation and simulation to turn innovative ideas into new products and services in an effective manner at a lower risk.

The Catapult centres provide expertise, contacts and facilities in various technological areas, and can assist companies to access new markets and captivate interest from other potential business partners.

The programme is administered by Siva on behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, in partnership with Innovation Norway and The Research Council of Norway.

For more Information: Norsk Katapult.