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Photo by Imenco.
Photo by Imenco.

Through a number of example cases highlights some of Norway’s leading examples where technology from the Norwegian oil and gas sector has been applied in other industries.s

The vision with Techtransfer is to make visible the most important driving force and technology development of our time in Norwegian society: the Norwegian oil and gas industry.

Moreover, our common goal is to convey, through these cases, that the petroleum industry is an important part of the equation to create sustainable technology for the future.

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Project Owners A collaboration between the GCE Node, GCE Ocean Technology, NCE Energy Valley, GCE Blue Maritime, Norwegian Energy Solutions and Energi i Nord (Far North Energy) clusters as well as Norwegian Oil and Gas and Innovation Norway.
Period 2019 - ongoing
Funding Project owners
Result Establishment of and supplying new cases continuously.

Contact Information

Kai Stoltz

Business Development Manager

Kai Stoltz