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Introduced New Technologies to Minister of Trade and Industry at Arendalsuka

From left: Preben Strøm, Energy Valley, Tom Fidjeland, GCE NODE, Iselin Nybø, Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry, Per Erik Dalen, GCE Blue Maritime, Tore O. Sandvik, county mayor of Trøndelag, Gisle Nondal, GCE Ocean Technology, and Tor Arnesen, Norwegian Energy Solutions.

MonViro demonstrated oil and gas technology that monitor earthquake-prone areas, as one of Norway's leading examples of technology transfer that were presented at Arendasuka this week.

How Norway should develop and scale new, sustainable industries in order to close the export gap in light of a gradual loss of income from the petroleum industry, was on the agenda when the Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry Iselin Nybø (V) and county mayor of Trøndelag Tore O. Sandvik, joined the panel discussion with CEO Preben Strøm from Energy Valley and research manager Gisle Nondal in GCE Ocean Technology.

Tom Fidjeland, CEO at GCE Node opened the event and was joined by the moderator for the debate Astrid Skarheim Onsum, who is the incoming CEO of Norsk Gjenvinning, while division director Ingelin Drøpping in Innovation Norway set the scene for the debate.

The panel shed light on how the clusters' experience, knowledge and competence should be managed to become an important driver in the green transformation of Norwegian business and industry. 

Watch the event (language Norwegian):


Norway has built strong ocean clusters and catapults that are there for, and due to the ocean industries. These must be given a larger mandate and be scaled up. We must dare to invest where we can be best, Gisle Nondal, R&D Manager, GCE Ocean Technology

Technology Transfer Cases

Three cluster companies presented their new solutions based on technology transfer:

Monitoring earthquake-prone areas with oil and gas technology: General manager Martha Lien of MonViro in Bergen demonstrated how they use technology developed to secure oil and gas installations on the seabed to monitor earthquake-prone areas. See case

Earthquake in Chile. Photo: Laudio Núñez, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Controlling wind turbines smarter: Sales and Marketing Director Rune Reinertsen at Origo Solutions in Kristiansand showed how they can store values for smarter operation and production by managing and monitoring wind turbines as a whole. See case

Hunting historical treasures on the seabed: General manager Hanne Taarland of GeoPluss at Randaberg outside Stavanger showed how they use geophysical methods and technology from the subsea industry to carry out archaeological investigations on the seabed. See case

Oil and Gas Technology in New Markets

You will find a multitude of technology transfer examples at The website was recently updated with new and exciting technologies and methods from cluster companies, proving how companies have used knowledge and expertise harvested from the oil and gas industries in new markets.

The event and is a collaboration between the petroleum clusters GCE NODE, GCE Blue Maritime, NCE Energy Valley, Norwegian Energy Solutions, Innovation Norway, Norwegian Oil and Gas and GCE Ocean Technology.

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