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Deep Purple Pilot

Photo by TechnipFMC

Deep Purple™ builds on proven technologies to deliver stable, renewable, and scalable energy in the ocean space. It can offer stable power to off-grid consumers like offshore installations and remote islands, with hydrogen stored as a high-capacity battery and re-electrified.

During the next two years, the Deep Purple™ pilot project consortium will design, build, and test a physical, land-based pilot at TechnipFMC’s Norwegian headquarters in Kongsberg.

The pilot will include an electrolyser, hydrogen storage, fuel cells, and energy control system as well as the development and testing of an advanced control and advisory system and a dynamic process simulator.

The pilot will allow the consortium partners to ensure energy efficiency and autonomous operation offshore, as well as prepare the system for large-scale offshore commercial use.

Governmental funding has been granted from Innovation Norway and TechnipFMC will lead a strong consortium to develop, construct and test the pilot.

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Project Owners TechnipFMC
Vattenfall, Repsol, Slåttland, NEL, UMOE Advanced Composites, ABB, DNV, SINTEF, University of South East Norway, Energy Valley, Ocean Hyway Cluster, GCE Ocean Technology and Innovation Norway.
Period 2016 – 2022
Funding Innovation Norway
Result Ongoing: development of methodology and technology for offshore production and subsea storage of hydrogen. Market analysis and strategy for commercializing the concept, plans for pilot startup.


Contact Information

Kai Stoltz

Business Development Manager

Kai Stoltz