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Important milestone for the Deep Purple™ Pilot

Deep Purple's land-based pilot plant at Kongsberg was officially opened 12 January by (from left): Terje A. Løver, project manager - Deep Purple/TechnipFMC, Kari Anne Sand - mayor of Kongsberg, Nina Broch Mathisen - Innovation Norway, Andreas Bjelland Eriksen - Norwegian Ministry of Oil and Energy, Luana Duffe - executive director New Energy Ventures, Lars Ole Bjørnsrud , director marketing communications at TechnipFMC.

The land-based pilot at TechnipFMC's Norwegian headquarters in Kongsberg aims to prove that hydrogen can be produced, stored and used offshore by the use of renewable power and water electrolysis.

As a proud partner of the Deep Purple™ Pilot, we were on site at the official opening in Kongsberg 12 January.

The Deep Deep Purple™ concept was founded at the The Research Council of Norway’s Idea Lab in 2016 and builds on proven technologies to deliver stable, renewable, and scalable energy in the ocean space.

It aims to offer stable power to off-grid consumers like offshore installations and remote islands, with hydrogen stored as a high-capacity battery and re-electrified.

Hydrogen is an increasingly important piece of the net zero emissions by 2050 puzzle, according to IEA.

Scope of pilot

The Deep Purple™ pilot project consortium designs, builds, and tests a physical, land-based pilot at TechnipFMC’s Norwegian headquarters in Kongsberg. The pilot will include an electrolyser, hydrogen storage, fuel cells, and energy control system as well as the development and testing of an advanced control and advisory system and a dynamic process simulator.

The pilot will allow the consortium partners to ensure energy efficiency and autonomous operation offshore, as well as prepare the system for large-scale offshore commercial use.

Governmental funding has been granted from Innovation Norway and TechnipFMC is leading a strong consortium to develop, construct and test the pilot.

The consortium consist of Vattenfall, Repsol, Slåttland, NEL, UMOE Advanced Composites, ABB, DNV, SINTEF, University of South East Norway, Energy Valley, Ocean Hyway Cluster, GCE Ocean Technology and Innovation Norway.

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Awarded 76 million from Green Platform

TechipFMC has morever, been awarded 76 million dollars from Green Platform to lead one of eleven projects aimed at developing innovative, sustainable solutions.

The project, which is in partnership with NYMO, Umoe Advanced Composites, Odda Technology, Universitetet i  Sørøst-Norge, Kongsberg klyngen, Statkraft, Topeka holding, will focus on creating a secure and efficient system for storing compressed hydrogen underwater.

This breakthrough technology has the potential to significantly reduce costs and increase safety for the storage and distribution of large quantities of hydrogen close to consumers.

We extend our congratulations to the partnership on this funding, which will be instrumental in driving the commercialization of this innovative technology.

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