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Competition for Support for Small-Scale Commercial Floating Offshore Wind Projects

Enova opens for new deadline on September 13 with applications for two billion NOK – to increase competition for small-scale floating offshore wind projects.

Source: Enova

Enova opens for competition for support for floating offshore wind.

The programme aims to stimulate increased innovation and technology development as well as contribute to lower costs for wind energy production on future areas.

The second call has an application deadline of September 13, 2024.

Will Demonstrate Technology

The programme is aimed at investment projects that need more than 30 million euros in support.

“We want investment projects with a full lifetime that have planned to start within five years of the decision. The framework will allow for projects with an estimated one to five wind turbines. Such projects are important to demonstrate technology as well as reduce risk and costs before the large developments start, for example Utsira Nord and subsequent areas.”

Ranked by Cost Level and Innovation

The programme, which is called "Competition for support for small-scale commercial floating offshore wind projects", will be run as a competition. Enova will rank the applications based on the following criteria:

  • Produced energy kWh per support kroner, weighted 70%
  • Innovation height and dissemination

Go to read more about the programme (language: Norwegian)

Contact Information

Karianne Kojen Andersen

Innovation Manager

Karianne Kojen Andersen