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Urgent Call to Norwegian Ocean-Tech Companies

View of downtown Halifax from Dartmouth with the waterfront and the Purdy's Wharf. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
View of downtown Halifax from Dartmouth with the waterfront and the Purdy's Wharf. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

We extend a special invitation to Norwegian companies specializing in ocean-related technology and solutions to participate in an exclusive export program facilitated by Innovation Norway. Deadline 14 June.

The Trade Mission Program to Canada's Halifax in Nova Scotia will take place 22–27 September 2024 and we are specifically seeking companies with innovative products and services tailored for the Canadian marine sector.

Whether your focus is OceanTech, encompassing surface and sub-surface technologies with applications in food, energy, monitoring, and more, or marine conservation solutions tackling issues like oil spills and plastic pollution, we encourage you to apply.

What can you expect?

Networking Galore: Engage with local marine stakeholders, forge relationships with potential clients and partners, and access exclusive networking arenas during the Oceans Conference.

Insights and Updates: Gain valuable insights into Canada's burgeoning blue economy through specialized briefings and discussions.

Visibility and Collaboration: Showcase your offerings by visiting or exhibiting at the Oceans Conference, and enjoy a delegation dinner with fellow Norwegian colleagues.

The programme is designed to empower companies with international ambitions, backed by board-endorsed export strategies, financial stability, and scalability to meet market demands.

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Participation Costs

  • Option A: Trade Mission: NOK 10,000 per company.
  • Option B: Option A + exhibit in a shared Norway booth at Oceans Conference 2024: NOK 20,000 per company.

Note: Participating companies cover their own travel costs.


  • August 2024: Digital briefing to prepare you for the market exploration.
  • 22-27 September 2024: Market visit to Canada, including participation in the Oceans Conference & Exposition in Halifax.
  • 27 September 2024: B2B meetings with stakeholders.

Register Your Interest

You can contact Owe Hagesæther or Thea Båtevik  within 14 June for more information and to register.


The Trade Mission Canada is organised by:

Contact Information

Thea Båtevik

Innovation Consultant

Thea Båtevik

Owe Hagesæther

Chief Executive Officer

Owe Hagesæther