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A Struggle to Scale

[Bilde] Tor Erik Rong, Chief Business Development Officer at ScanReach shared what his company gained from from the Ocean Tech Scaling Program.
Tor Erik Rong, Chief Business Development Officer at ScanReach was one of the participants at this year's Ocean Tech Scaling Program. Photo by Torleif Markussen Lunde, Future Ocean Incubator.

Norway's innovation ecosystem is bustling with talent and groundbreaking ideas. Yet, a significant challenge remains: many companies struggle to expand beyond a 20-employee mark.

With 67% of all new jobs being created by new companies, the need for these companies to grow into larger entities is more critical than ever.

This not only benefits the economy but ensures the most brilliant minds are making the impactful changes our society needs.

The "Ocean Tech Scaling program, spearheaded by GCE Ocean Technology, ScalingLab and MIT Boston, is on a mission to address this gap.

According to Per Ingvar Olsen from Scaling Lab, Norway’s progress hinges on improving the success rates of scale-up companies.

– This fall, we're opening our doors to another eight ambitious companies ready to take their businesses to the next level, says Owe Hagesæther, CEO in GCE Ocean Technology.

Apply to join the Ocean Tech Scaling Program in Bergen-Oslo-Boston 2024

Mentors in a League of their Own

Participants from this year's programme, including Havkraft, Korall Engineering, and ScanReach,  shared inspiring stories at our event this week.

Tor Erik Rong, Chief Business Development Officer at ScanReachpraised the level of expertise they they received from world class mentors and serial entrepreneurs throughout the programme.

– We chose to send four employees representing different Business units, says Rong. – The programme reinvigorated our passion for strategy and streamlined our path to rapid growth.

The Art of Opting Out

With a focus on strategic decision-making, operational scaling, and market expansion, companies receive hands-on support and advisory to realize their project . The programme is designed to help you create and implement a scaling strategy for internationalisation and rapid growth growth.

– It's about choosing what not to do as much as it is about choosing what to do, emphasizes Geir Arne Solheim, CEO of Havkraft.

The three companies all highlighted the level of expertise and help they got with their projects throughout the programme .

– We immersed ourselves in a wealth of knowledge, thanks to world-leading entrepreneurship experts from MIT and the impressive Norwegian team, added Bruno Maffei, CEO and Founder of Korall Engineering.

Who Should Apply?

If your company is at a stage where the potential for growth is evident but the path to scaling up seems daunting, this programme is for you.

We're looking for companies with innovative projects and ambitious teams ready to make a leap in growth. Ideal candidates will bring representatives from technology, management, and market sectors to ensure a holistic approach to scaling.

The Time to Act Is Now

The next programme commences in October 2024. Don't let this opportunity pass by if your company is poised for growth.

Apply to join the 6 module, Ocean Tech Scaling Program in Bergen-Oslo-Boston 2024

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We offer:

  • An immersive 12-week learning experience with insights from a world-class faculty, experienced business mentors, investors and peers.
  • A thorough scientific and business-oriented evaluation of your company, business model, strategy and growth potential
  • Feedback, frameworks and tools to help you achieve rapid growth
  • A programme designed to help you create and implement a scaling strategy for internationalisation and rapid growth
  • 5-day module at Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship in Boston with serial entrepreneur Bill Aulet and access to world class mentors.