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Will We See a Licensing Round for Seabed Minerals Exploration in Norway in 2024?

Debate at least years event about deep sea minerals under One Ocean Week
Debate at least years event about deep sea minerals under One Ocean Week

The Ministry of Energy will present their plan moving forward with seabed mineral activities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, at our seminar 17 April.

A large majority of the Norwegian parliament (Stortinget) approved to open for industrial actors to take part in seabed minerals activities earlier this year. The first phase will be exploration. If found environmentally, economically and socially acceptable, this can lead to seabed mining.

At our seminar 17 April, the Norwegian Ministry of Energy will present the status of the opening process and the planned steps forward.

You will also get the latest results from research expeditions as well as perspectives from researcher and the industry on what type of collaboration will be needed to succeed.

Licencensing Round this Year?

Last December the Ministry of Energy highlighted the importance of securing the supply of critical minerals and that it is a key driver for exploring the potential within deep sea minerals.

The Ministry pointed towards a resource management strategy of opening large areas with a stepwise process through licensing.

It will be interesting to learn more about their latest plan for the opening process, and if a first licensing round can be expected already this year. The parliament notice, pointed towards increased funding for research and innovation, as well as the importance of more exploration and data sharing.

Learning from Each Other and Data Sharing is Key

The Norwegian government believes that alongside more independent research to efficiently acquire further knowledge, industrial capacity, know-how and capital will be important factors.

At this seminar, we will see examples of results of such collaborations, discuss how we can learn from the international environmental exploration work, as well as the need for good platforms and methodologies for data sharing.

See the full programme and sign up to learn more.

Note that the seminar will be held in Norwegian.

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Jon O. Hellevang

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Jon O. Hellevang