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A Subsea Week

Team Subsea Next 2024
Team Subsea Next 2024

This week, 16 industry professionals from Equinor, Unitech, Fjordbase, Island Offshore, Applus, Wintershall DEA, and Unplugged participated at our Subsea Next Course, held on-site at leading subsea actors in the Bergen area.

First stop was Equinor's facilities at Sandsli, where participants were introduced to a comprehensive program that spanned the history and future prospects of subsea technologies.

Key topics such as Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and offshore wind were discussed, giving us an understanding of the current and emerging energy landscapes. Notably, the session was also attended by five observers from Havtil, adding to the collaborative environment.

Next Stop Horsøy

Our student-journey continued on Wednesday as we traveled to OneSubsea in Horsøy. There, equipment specialists provided insights into various aspects of subsea operations, including subsea compressors, digitalization, and ocean wind technologies. The day concluded with a social gathering at Bien Centro.

TechnipFMC's facilities at Ågotnes on Thursday was the final stop. Here, Remi Andre Breivik, the Director of Engineering Services at TechnipFMC, welcomed the group and gave us an introduction to the company.

This was followed by a series of expert presentations and a tour of the workshop at Ågotnes, providing a hands-on experience of the advanced engineering and technological solutions being developed there.

Join our Next Course

The Subsea Next Course is a three-day program designed to offer a thorough introduction to subsea technology.

Targeting new engineers to the offshore industry, professionals transitioning from other disciplines, and seasoned engineers needing a refresher, the course serves as a crucial platform for knowledge exchange and professional development in the Bergen area.

For those interested in furthering their expertise in subsea technology or learning about upcoming courses, you can contact Kai Stoltz at GCE Ocean Technology.

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