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Three minutes between life and "death"

Sander Henriksen from Nordic USV doing his three-minute pitch.
Sander Henriksen from Nordic USV doing his three-minute pitch.

Three minutes may seem brief for a pitch, but it could also be the distinction between life and death, according to one of the presenters at Demo Day Vestland.

He pitched his product, Pre AID, a solution that leads to quicker response and treatment at the scene of an accident. Moreover, Demo Day Vestland brought together 23 investment-ready startups and a room filled with eager investors this week.

Health, tech and ocean

Solutions within, Life Science, the Ocean, Energy and Cleantech, Technology, and Hardware was given 3-minutes each to pitch their companies and capital needs.

Among the standout participants we were proud to see Nordic USV and Korall Engineering pitch, both members of GCE Ocean Technology.

Prices and winners

Dynamon AS was awarded the coveted Bergen kommune Etablererpris for 2023.

This prestigious award was presented during the event by Gisle Nondal, Head of Business Development at Bergen municipality acknowledging Dynamon AS for their groundbreaking solution that optimizes work schedules and rotations.

Winner of the quarterfinals in the "100 Pitches," was Børrea Schau-Larsen from Vilda - a startup from Bergen that assists homeowners with advice on energy measures, financing, and implementation. Larsen and Vilda advances directly to the semifinals in Oslo, where they will compete to win 200,000 NOK.

The jury panel for 100 Pitches, comprised of Maria Hanedalen Bøthun from DNB, Erlend Waaler from Startuplab, Fredrik Harloff from GC Rieber AS, and Karina Halstensen Birkelund from Farvatn Venture, unanimously recognized the exceptional qualities of the winning startup.

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