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The West against the rest?

Janne Haaland Matlary, Professor University in Oslo. Photo: UiO.

Is it possible to stop the ongoing polarisation and find common ground and solutions to the mounting challenges related to energy, resources, climate and nature?

The importance of access to energy and resources has become far more evident during the last few years.

We very much look forward to hearing Professor Janne Haaland Matlary's keynote at Ocean Connect, where she will share her insights and perspectives on the current geopolitical situation.

This will be a unique opportunity to get insights into global risks, and what actions and precautions we should consider ensuring that we get out on top of the energy transition.

Resource and power: The West against the rest

Europe have outsourced a lot of our production and associated climate emission to China. This has provided cheap goods but also a strong dependency on China when it comes to metals, batteries and key component for renewable energy productions.

Haaland Matlary will talk about the increasing rivalry between the US/Europe and China/Russia. She will address what implication this have on the way we think about security of supply, partnerships and the market we operate. This will provide you with valuable insight into the main geopolitical risks in the years to come.

A divided West – with Norway in a buble?

Are Europe and US able to strengthen our collaboration and make efficient global alliances, or will we start competing on tax incentives to attract new green industries?

Furthermore, we see a divide where some European countries headed by France want to build more nuclear power and label it green, while Germany heading the “friends of renewable” alliance is eager to phase it out.

Norway is debating several options to decarbonise, but many suggested actions have limited potential, and we are far behind on our climate targets. We are currently very dependent on oil and gas export and are facing a huge challenge in developing and scaling new export industries in the decades to come.

We look forward to hearing Haaland Matlary give her talk “Resource and power: The west against the rest” at Ocean Connect 26 October in Bergen. Take a look at the program and sign up.

About Janne Haaland Matlary

Haaland Matlary is professor of international politics at the University of Oslo and the Norwegian National Defence University College. She was State Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1997–2000.

Haaland Matlary is a recognized capacity within international politics and risk. She has written numerus papers and books and are very active in the public debate.

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Join us at Ocean Connect 26 October in Bergen, were we will discuss the future energy mix, challenges to get there and business opportunities along the way.

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