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The EU publishes 15 concrete actions to get the European Wind Industry back on track

Karianne Kojen Andersen is Innovation Manager in GCE Ocean Technology and can help you with EU related issues.
Are you interested in knowing more about the possibilities for Innovation Fund funding? Contact our Innovation Manager, Karianne Kojen Andersen.

The European Commission has presented a new European Wind Power Action Plan with concrete measures to support the European wind industry. Offshore wind is deemed crucial to meet the EU’s reinforced 42,5 % renewables target by 2030.

In 2022, the cumulative EU-27 offshore installed capacity amounted to 16.3 GW.

This means that to bridge the gap between the 111 GW committed by the EU Member States and the 2022 capacity, there is a need to install almost 12 GW/year on average – that is 10 times more than the new 1.2 GW installed last year.

This is why the European Commission is doubling down on its efforts to support the offshore renewables sector specifically, setting out additional actions to strengthen grid infrastructure and regional cooperation, accelerate permitting, ensure integrated Maritime Spatial Planning, strengthen resilience of infrastructure, sustain research and innovation, and develop supply chains and skills.

Six areas of immediate action

The Action Plan sets out immediate actions to be taken together by the Commission, the Member States and the industry, building on existing policies and legislation and focusing on six main areas:

  1. Acceleration of deployment through increased predictability and faster permitting.
  2. Improved auction design
  3. Access to finance
  4. A fair and competitive international environment
  5. Upskill and Reskills development
  6. Industry engagment and member states commitments

– With these actions the EU shows its commitment to strengthening the European wind industry supply chain and reaching its ambitious renewables target for 2030, says Karianne Kojen Andersen, Innovation Manager in GCE Ocean Technology.

Increased funding for renewable energy projects

With a focus on strengthening access to finance, the European Commission is among other actions doubling clean tech funding through the EU Innovation Fund, focussing on the November 2023 Innovation Fund call, and giving priority to wind energy projects if projects are of equal merit.

The Commission is also stepping up support from the European Investment bank.

Next steps

The Wind Power Package does not entail new legislation, and the Commission aims for a speedy process proposing to enshrine support for the package in a dedicated Wind Energy Charter to be signed by the end of the year.

Are you interested in knowing more about the possibilities for Innovation Fund funding? Contact our Innovation Manager, Karianne Kojen Andersen.

Read full press release from the European Commission.

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