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VindVest accelerates Vestland's progress

Hywind Tampen turbines at Wergeland Base before moving offshore. Photo: Roy Bjørge.
Hywind Tampen turbines at Wergeland Base before moving offshore. Photo: Roy Bjørge.

Through the VindVest project, we, along with key stakeholders in the region, will explore the comparative advantages Vestland possess and what is required in terms of skill enhancement and investments to become key players in the offshore wind industry.

Norway has ambitious plans in offshore wind, and the potential for Vestland's supplier industry to establish itself as a hub for this sector is substantial.

Strong Partnerships and Ambitions

GCE Ocean Technology, in collaboration with Øygarden Business Development, Askøy Municipality, and PWC, has received support from Vestland County Council for the VindVest project.

The initiative, driven by the industry itself, includes heavyweights like DOF Subsea, TechnipFMC, Westcon, Fjord Base, and CCB, alongside knowledge contributors HVL and UiB.

– Through VindVest, we aim to explore the possibilities within offshore wind and determine the positions Vestland can collectively assume in the value chain, says Karianne Kojen Andersen, Innovation Manager at GCE Ocean Technology.

– Our goal is to equip involved stakeholders with enough expertise to initiate action and concrete measures, positioning themselves effectively within the offshore wind value chain.

Highlighting skill requirements and strengthening the value chain

The project's objectives involve establishing clear value chains for offshore wind, mapping the necessary infrastructure, and conducting a thorough analysis of the skill requirements.

Emphasis is placed on defining criteria and developing a detailed action plan to fill any gaps in the value chain. Additionally, a roadmap will be created to summarise the plans and outline the next steps that need to be taken.

Seeking perspectives from the entire value chain

Most importantly, VindVest seeks perspectives from the entire value chain. The project team will conduct interviews with key players from both Vestland's supplier industry and the national and international offshore wind sectors.

For those interested in learning more or contributing to the project, please contact our Innovation Manager, Karianne Kojen Andersen.

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Karianne Kojen Andersen

Innovation Manager

Karianne Kojen Andersen