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Making coastal data collection efficient and affordable

– We will build a network of Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs) along the coast, says Sander Henriksen, Founder and CEO of Nordic USV a new startup and member of GCE Ocean Technology.

Nordic Usv AS develops and will mainly operate unmanned vessels (USV’s) to make coastal ocean data accessible.

– We will build the USV network, by using docking stations, so that the vessels can dock and start charging between each mission. In other words, we will be able to provide fresh data quickly and affordably along the entire coast, says Sander.

Web portal provides answers

By using their web portal, customers can easily plan routes and areas where they want to conduct a "survey". The possibility of choosing sensors, timing, or intervals is also included in the portal.

– With that information entered, the customer will immediately see the cost of the mission and we envision that using our service will be the absolute easiest and most cost-effective way to acquire certain datasets, Sander explains.


In photo: Sander Henriksen

Eager to meet other partners and members

Nordic Usv AS is excited to join GCE Ocean Technology as a new member and participate at the annual cluster gathering at Solstrand Hotel & Bad the 25-26 May.

– We are thrilled to have the chance to connect with other members and exchange ideas on current topics such as offshore wind and seabed minerals. The event will be a valuable platform for us to engage in meaningful conversations and establish productive relationships while enjoying the hopefully sunny and warmer weather, ends Sander.

The event will provide an excellent opportunity for Nordic Usv to meet with cluster partners like Equinor, NORCE and TechnipFMC as well as members like Corvus Energy, Adepth Minerals, Sarsia, and Reach Subsea, among others.

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If you are not a member you can still join us: Learn how to become a member in GCE Ocean Technology.

Contact Information

Kjersti Boge Christensen

Communication Manager

Kjersti Boge Christensen

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang


Nordic Usv AS is an innovative startup that is developing unmanned surface vessels (USVs) to collect coastal data.