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Do we have enough energy to fuel the green transition?

Øystein Fossen Thorud, Director of deals/M&A at PwC, gave a brilliant presentation.
Øystein Fossen Thorud, Director of deals/M&A at PwC, gave a brilliant presentation at our breakfast seminar.

This was the question asked by PwC and GCE Ocean Technology during a recent breakfast seminar in Bergen.

The answer, according to a report from PwC, is that we need a significant increase in renewable energy production just to meet climate targets for existing industries. And that's not all - we also need more energy for all the new green industry initiatives we want to undertake in Norway.

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Need more of everything - faster

The report, shows that there is a lack of correlation between political ambitions for climate action and actual investments in renewable energy. This was highlighted in a brilliant presentation by Øystein Fossen Thorud, Director of deals/M&A at PwC, who outlined the current state of climate goals, new green industries, and the need for renewable energy.

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During the seminar, there were good discussions about where we stand today and what needs to be done by 2030. The consensus was that we need more of everything - and faster.

As stated by Grøn region Vestland, we know that having enough energy in the right place at the right price could be the biggest barrier to success in green transformation and business development in virtually all parts of Vestland (Norway).

The report from PwC is an important reminder that we need to act now and invest in renewable energy if we want to achieve our climate targets and build a sustainable future.

It is up to all of us - individuals, businesses, and governments - to work together and make the necessary changes to ensure that we have enough energy to power a green future.

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