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Addressing the great gap

From left: Ronny Haufe is CEO in CCB Energy holding (photo by Bergen Næringsråd), Ingrid Lomelde is Group Head of Sustainability at Mainstream, Jonny Hesthammer is CEO at Norsk Kjernekraft.

Is “more of everything - faster” the best way forward, or should we concentrate on where we can make the most impact? This is a key question at Ocean Connect the 26 of October in Bergen.

The renewable energy share in Norway’s primary energy consumption is less than 50%, and the CO2 emission reduction is far behind schedule to meet the climate goals.

What does the future energy mix look like, which technologies have the highest potential and what are the business opportunities? Do we forget about nature and energy security in our rush to accelerate the energy transition?

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Sustainability as an advantage

Mainstream Renewable Power sees a great opportunity for the Norwegian offshore wind industry to gain a competitive edge, as sustainability becomes a crucial factor in tendering requirements and leasing rounds for offshore wind.


Ingrid Lomelde (photo), Group Head of Sustainability at Mainstream will tell us about how they work with sustainability in all aspects of their business.

Other speakers believe floating offshore wind will require far too high subsidies, as well as causing too high environmental impact. Is the floating wind fairytale too good to be true, and are there better options?

Is nuclear a part of the solution?

The interest for nuclear power has exploded in Norway in conjunction with the increased energy prices.

Low environmental footprint and resource intensity are key benefits. However, the energy commission does not believe nuclear power is part of the solution for Norway.


Are small and modular reactors a game changer, or will the timeline, cost and waste challenge kill the enthusiasm?

Jonny Hesthammer (photo), CEO at Norsk Kjernekraft, will try to convince us why nuclear power is the right path for Norway.

Hydrogen and CCS - all in one

Ronny Haufe (photo), CEO at CCB Energy Holding and H2 Production, has huge plans for integrating several companies in Energiparken in Øygarden.


Photo: by Bergen Næringsråd

How will this serve the energy transition, as well as creating business opportunities and synergies in the hydrogen and CO2 value chain? 

Is CCS only greenwashing to continue with business as usual with oil and gas production, or will it be a key part of the solution?

Join us at Ocean Connect 26 October to learn more about emerging technology and key drivers in the energy transition. You will get insight into and an analysis of the energy mix, business opportunities and what it will take to succeed.

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Jon O. Hellevang


Ocean Connect is addressing key challenges and possibilities related to the energy transition.

Where to focus and what business opportunities arises.

How do we move from nice slides to action, how do we secure funding and what is politically feasible?