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Call for speakers at AOG subsea forum

Welcome to Perth, Australia.

The AOG Energy 2023 Subsea Forum is Australia's leading event for subsea professionals and are now inviting speakers to their conference in Perth 15–17 March.

The AOG Energy conference is a venue for subsea professionals to join forces and identify the challenges and opportunities ahead, as well as showcasing technology and innovation for the underwater sectors.

AOG Energy is a free to attend, three-day event that explores the multifarious aspects of the subsea industry and creates an environment to share knowledge and encourage debate between peers, academics, and industry professionals. Recent world events have focussed attention on the future of energy security, decarbonisation, and the need for transition to potential new clean energy sources.

Learning to live with the effects of a pandemic has also added pressure on international markets and the economic strain is being felt by almost everyone. Australia has been world leading in developing its capability in LNG, which continues to play a crucial part of the future global energy mix.

The subsea industry is a key enabling sector that will ensure the fields feeding LNG trains are developed, maintained effectively, and operated efficiently for many years to come, followed ultimately by decommissioning.

More importantly, the subsea sector’s knowledge, expertise and technology will play a significant part in the future decarbonisation of the offshore energy mix. Areas such as Offshore Wind, Wave power, CCS/CCUS and Hydrogen are important for Australia’s future, and the subsea sector is eager to rise to the new challenges and opportunities.

Managing our oceans’ resources and protecting the environment are also key areas for us and future generations to consider and debate.

Call for speakers

Submit your paper
Deadline 30 September

  • Topics
  • Cost efficient subsea developments
  • Pipeline innovation and technology
  • Subsea control systems and digital twins
  • Remote systems and communications
  • Digital acquisition and analytics
  • Autonomous operations and artificial intelligence
  • Late life planning and decommissioning
  • Decarbonisation/Energy transition in subsea
    • Electrification
    • CCS/CCUS
    • Hydrogen
  • Renewables
    • Offshore wind and legislation
    • Wave power

Evaluation Criteria

  • Submissions referring to case studies will be
    highly regarded
  • Prior to submission, company and joint venture
    clearance must be obtained. Any perceived
    problems concerning clearance should be
    outlined when the paper proposal is submitted
  • Ideally your submission will not have been
    presented before and should contain new

Contact Information

Owe Hagesæther

Chief Executive Officer

Owe Hagesæther

Delegation to AOG

If you are interested in attending AOG 2023 please let us know if you would like to join our Norwegian delegation travelling from Bergen, Norway to Perth.