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Answer our survey about test infrastructure for marine minerals

Photo by NUI

We are currently conducting a survey to assess the need for joint test sites and facilities related to marine minerals activities and your feedback is appreciated.

The survey will be a first step in this process to establish the needs for and map existing infrastructure relevant for adaptation and extension. Based on the results, we will suggest new joint infrastructures, which can support the development of an industry for sustainable exploration and extraction of marine minerals.

Answer the survey (in Norwegian only) within 6 May.

Supporting the Sharing Economy

The Norwegian Catapult Centres facilitate sharing of existing test infrastructure and co-fund up to 50% of the investment in new joint infrastructures. This could involve test sites, buildings, equipment and software. The Catapult Centre’s are targeting industry and especially small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

The Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult Centre has been granted funding for this mapping project from Siva, which will be conducted in close collaboration with partner GCE Ocean Technology.

Increased interest

The interest for marine minerals is increasing as the legal framework is moving forwards both nationally and internationally. World-class test facilities and infrastructure is key to be in the international forefront in developing this new industry. Currently the focus is on exploration activities, to enable a better understanding of geological and environmental resources, but we also see international projects moving towards production in the coming years.

Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang

Catapult Centres

The Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult Centre is one of five national Catapult centres, which assist companies in developing prototypes, offer expertise and equipment for testing, visualisation and simulation to turn innovative ideas into new products and services in an effective manner at a lower risk.

The Ocean Innovation Catapult supports testing and piloting of green solutions for the blue economy, with focus on underwater technology and seafood.

The Catapult programme is administered by Siva on behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, in partnership with Innovation Norway and The Research Council of Norway.

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