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Hildegunn T. Blindheim to UTC Marine Minerals

Hildegunn T. Blindheim, Director General, Norwegian Oil and Gas. Photo Mats Bakken
Hildegunn T. Blindheim, Director General, Norwegian Oil and Gas. Photo Mats Bakken

What possibilities does the Norwegian Oil and Gas association see for technology transfer and new business opportunities? Join the UTC Marine Minerals seminar 14 June to know more.

The Norwegian oil and gas association has expanded their focus to cover offshore mineral extraction in Norway.

We look forward to hearing Director General Hildegunn T. Blindheim, tell us about the possibilities for the Norwegian industry to embark on a new industry adventure.

Moreover, Blindheim will talk about how the Norwegian oil and gas industry is addressing the energy transition and working with technology transfer into emerging ocean industries accelerating the energy transition.

– The enormous restructuring of the energy systems that the world is facing will require large amounts of minerals and metals. It is no longer a question of whether the mineral demand will increase in the future, but how much. If we say no to mining in Norway, we say yes to mining somewhere else. Norway and Norwegian industry can extract minerals with a high focus on environmental safety and local value creation, says Blindheim. (source: Norwegian Oil and Gas)

Huge possibilities

Norwegian Oil and Gas was one of the partners behind the Rystad Energy report forecasting a new billion-dollar industry.

At this seminar, Lars Eirik Nicolaisen, Senior Partner & Deputy-CEO, Rystad Energy, will give us an update to this study, as well as the expected growth rate for batteries.

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Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang


The topic for the 28th annual Underwater Technology Conference (UTC) is – Subsea leading the way in the energy transition.

The UTC Marine Mineral seminar will be arranged as part of the UTC Day 0 programme 14 June from 9:30-14:00.

Norwegian Oil and Gas

Norwegian Oil and Gas is an employer and interest organization for companies that are operators or suppliers to the oil and gas industry, offshore renewable energy production, CO2 capture and storage activities and offshore mineral activities in Norway.