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Discover the problem before it becomes one

Photo by ConditionALL

ConditionALL provides sensors, electronics and software to enable condition-based monitoring of valves. Join our AI-ABC course 21 April to learn more about their journey and lessons learned.

ConditionALL has just received their first order from China, where they deliver electronics, sensors and software. The use of data and industrial automation has increased significantly recently.

– Norwegian industry has become quite good and we see a huge potential to export our solutions to the rest of the world, says Reidar Eikeland, co-founder of ConditionALL.

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Improves safety and reduces downtime

– Valve monitoring has historically been limited to detect whether a valve is open or closed. ConditionALL can provide far more precise and sophisticated information, Eikeland says.

– Now, a valve can report “I used 2 seconds too long to open”, “I am struggling with a mechanical problem” or “I am leaking”, Eikelend explains, and reveals that ConditionALL has submitted patents on new sensor types.

– The industry sees the value of more and better data to improve maintenance, so they are installing more and better sensors than before. The main drivers are cost efficient maintenance and the possibility to perform more work and support from land. We discover the problem before it becomes one. This increases both the safety and reduces the downtime of the system, says Eikeland.

Machine learning is the next step

ConditionALL has developed both portable and permanent equipment, which transmits data to a cloud solution.

– We have currently automated the data acquisition and the presentation of data, while the analysis is performed manually, machine learning is the next step, Eikeland ends.

Join our one-day ABC-AI course 21 April (free for partners and members) to get an introduction to artificial intelligence (AI): what problems can be solved and what resources, competence and data are needed to create value.

The course will be given by Digital Norway in collaboration with Norwegian Cognitive Centre. Reidar Eikeland from ConditionALL and Henning Dahl, Chief Business Development Officer at Corvus Energy, will talk about their experience and lessons learned with data driven innovation, as part of this course.

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Corvus Energy has also invited us to a half day meeting 27 April, where they will elaborate on their experience as well as providing a tour of their facilities. This will be in informal meeting, where companies are encouraged to share experiences.

Note: This article is based on an interview with ConditionALL by Digital Norway. Read the full interview in Norwegian.

Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang

ConditionALL is a Norwegian based company that is specialized within condition monitoring of valves. We provide valve diagnostic products and services worldwide.

The company was started in 2019 by six former colleagues with long track-record from the oil and gas industry.