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Enables Potent Workflows in Ocean Industry

Software developers from the gaming industry develop advanced analysis and collaboration tools for energy and industrial companies at Glex.

– In short, we have built an automated system that makes large amounts of data easily accessible to the end-users says Jørgen E. Napstad, CEO of Glex AS who already has several leading energy companies on their customer list.

Their product Glex Energy retrieves, compiles and facilitates data from a variety of sources. User-friendly tools and automated processes allow companies to easily build a portfolio of exploration data, and utilize data visualization and machine learning to perform advanced analysis of large data sets. Advanced game technology enables users to view, share and present their data in high resolution, both in 2D and 3D

The company recently became a member of GCE Ocean Technology to gain a wider access to relevant networks and take advantage of projects and programmes led by the cluster.

– Our vision is to help accelerate a data-driven energy transition through cross-over industry solutions, and to utilizing vast amounts of data from current and emerging technologies and sources. The members in GCE Ocean solve a wide range of industry problems, and we would like to become a part of this community, both to learn from fellow members and share vital solutions and methods with others, Napstad says.

From Oil and Gas to Green Industries

Now, Glex is bringing their software knowledge and technology developed towards oil and gas into new, green industries, where there is a large overlap both in the data base, customer base and needs.

Their team consists of professionals with long experience and unique industry expertise combined with software developers with a background in the gaming industry, design and visualization.

– Our ambition is for Glex Energy to become the leading collaboration tool and data-sharing platform for anyone working in energy exploration, regardless of whether they are looking for hydrocarbons, potential reservoirs for carbon storage or seabed minerals, says Napstad.

Funding with Dealflow

To raise funds for the sale and further development of their product in order to reach companies in renewable energy, carbon storage and extraction of seabed minerals, Glex has just started a "publicly funded" issue through the Dealflow platform.

– We want to use the functionality and knowledge set we have built within internal exploration and subsurface in the oil and gas industry towards these new renewable energy-industries where there is both overlapping data base and needs, says Napstad.

The campaign can be accessed here: 

Glex has recently signed a contract with Brit Thyberg, who has previously been in Pandion Energy, as their new commercial director. She enters the role 18 October, and will be the first of several new hires. Brit has a doctorate in geology and extensive experience with digitization in the energy sector and will be a significant contributor in the investment Glex is going to make.

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Kjersti Boge Christensen

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