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Preliminary Programme for Marine Minerals Seminar 3 June

©Norwegian Petroleum Directorate. Worlds first coil tubing coring operation for marine mineral exploration.
©Norwegian Petroleum Directorate. Worlds first coil tubing coring operation for marine mineral exploration.

Join our free digital seminar 3 June to learn more about the ongoing work, challenges and opportunities within the emerging industry marine minerals.

At this seminar we will be “diving” in to the latest developments within marine minerals.

You will get the latest insight into the legal framework, the resource potential and exploration technology, the environmental impacts and monitoring technology, as well as the technology and production concepts.

The programme is divided into four sessions; where presentations are followed by dialogue between the presenters after each session – giving room to interact and getting feedback on your questions.

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Legislation Moving Forwards

Both the Norwegian and international legislation is moving forward. The proposal for an impact assessment programme for marine mineral activities on the Norwegian continental shelf is currently out on public hearing with deadline 12 April.

Cecilie Myklatun, Chief specialist Norwegian Minstry of Petroleum and Energy will present the management of marine minerals on the Norwegian continental shelf and the status on the Norwegian opening process.

We will also have speakers covering similar processes in Portugal and at Cook Island, as well as give you status and timeline of the internationl legistation work.

Sulfide core in the test tube from the Mohnsskatt area 2020. ©NPD

Pioneering Expedition

Last autumn the Norwegian Petroleum Diractorate (NPD) reported a unique and successful exploration expedition for marine minerals, where they used a coiled tubing operation to take drill cores.

NPD will present the results from the analysis of the samples taken at this expedition and give us the status on the resource potential in Norway.

The operator TIOS, who performed the operation on behalf of NPD, will present their experiences from this pioneering operation, at 3000 meter water depths. Furthermore, we will learn about the new cost efficient methods for resource mapping.

Sliced sulphide sample from an extinct chimney
from the Mohnsskatt area 2020. ©NPD.

Supporting the Green Transition

The transition to renewable energy and electric transportation requires access to new mineral resources. Marine mining has the potential for a smaller environmental footprint due to a far higher metal ore grade compared to land based mines.

Peter Haugan, has been co-chair for the Ocean Panel expert group. He will introduce us to the role of marine mineral in a sustainable future.

We will also learn more about what we know and do not know about the deep sea environment, and be given examples showing how we can utilise and benefit from methdology and technology from the petroleum industry.

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We still have a few presentation slots avalible.

Please do not hesitate to send us your suggestions for topics and speakers within 6 April to

Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang


The Marine Mineral – One Day Seminar is brought to you by GCE Ocean Technology and the Norwegian forum for Marine Minerals (NMM).

We work together to develop knowledge and expertise, and a Norwegian industry aimed at sustainable and responsible exploration and extraction of marine mineral resources.