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Marine Minerals – One Day Seminar

03. June 2021, 09:00 - 15:30


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© Norwegian Petroleum Directorate. Worlds first coil tubing coring operation for marine mineral exploration.
©Norwegian Petroleum Directorate. Worlds first coil tubing coring operation for marine mineral exploration.

Join us to learn more about marine minerals: The ongoing work and the opportunities and challenges arising within this emerging industry.

The interest for marine minerals is increasing as the legislation is moving forwards and the exploration activities show promising results.

GCE Ocean Technology and Norwegian forum for Marine Minerals (NMM) have joined forces to create a great programme for you at our digital One-Day Seminar.

Preliminary Programme

Session 1 – Legal framework

  • Management of marine minerals on the Norwegian continental shelf, Cecilie Myklatun, Chief specialist Norwegian Minstry of Petroleum and Energy.
  • International legislation status and timeline, Harald Brekke, Senior Geologist Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and Member of the Legal and Technical Commission International Seabed Authority (ISA).
  • Insight from Portugal on marine minerals, Prof. Miguel Miranda, President of IPMA, Portugal’s national ocean laboratory.
  • Experience from the Cook Island licencing round, Jens Laugesen, Chief Specialist, Environmental Risk Management, DNV.

Session 2 – Resource Potential and Exploration Technology

  • Status on the Norwegian resource mapping, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (TBC).
  • Experience from the world’s first coil tubing cooring operation for marine mineral exploration, Bjarne Neumann, CEO TIOS.
  • Autonomous mapping of seafloor massive sulfides, Researcher Alden Denny, Researcher University of Bergen.
  • Exploration technology for the future, Anette Tvedt, CEO Adepth Minerals.

Session 3 – Environmental Impact and Monitoring Technology

  • The role of Marine Minerals in a sustainable future, Peter Haugan, Programme Director Institute of Marine Research and Co-chair Ocean Panel Expert Group.
  • What do we know and not know about the deep sea environment, Pedro Ribeiro Researcher University of Bergen.
  • Experiences to gain from the petroleum industry, Arne Myhrvold, Senior Advisor Sustainability Equinor.
  • Environmental monitoring technology, TBA.

Session 4 – Technology and Production Concepts

  • Marine mineral production concept for the future, Tore Halvorsen, Technology & Operations Loke Marine Minerals.
  • Robotics and Autonomous System for marine minerals, Eduardo Silva, Robotics Unit Coordinator INESC TEC.
  • Vertical transport concepts, TBA.
  • TBA

*Changes in the programme might occur.

Each session will be followed by a dialogue between the presenters, giving room to interact and getting feedback on your questions.

We still have a few presentation slots avalible.

Please do not hesitate to send us your suggestions for topics and speakers within 6 April to

Participation and Costs

The event is open for all and free of charge.


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Jon O. Hellevang