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Covid-19 Strategies in Cluster Companies

A master’s project is aiming to find out what strategies cluster companies have developed to maintain employee’s engagement and performance during the COVID-19 pandemic and now they would like your input.

Two master’s students from BI Norwegian Business School, are working on a quantitative research project. They are now inviting all persons employed in cluster companies to be a part of their research by answering a short survey:

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Join the five-minute Survey

With your participation, this survey will provide information that may help you in your efforts to achieve positive impacts on your employees and to come up with an answer for their search question which is:

“The strategies for the company to develop and maintain employee’s engagement and performance during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The research is developed based on the Affective Events Theory, which explains how workplace incidents affect employees’ emotions and moods, which eventually influence job performance and engagement level.

The responses are collected anonymously and stored confidentially.

What is in it for You?

The outcomes of the research will help:

  • to understand employee’s emotions (optimism, burnout, and loneliness) in our current COVID-19 context (home office, job insecurity, social support, leader-member exchange, and job autonomy).
  • to reveal the level of employee’s engagement, intention to leave and, self-rating performance.
  • to develop strategies on how to maintain and build employee engagement and performance.

We hope that many of you will contribute to this research project by answering the survey and we will make an effort to be able to share the results once they are ready.

Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang