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Meet your Next Customer in The Explorer

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1 in 4 Norwegian companies have made connections with international partners in The Explorer - Innovation Norways' portal where companies can display green and sustainable solutions for free to a global audience.

The Explorer is Norway's digital showcase for green and sustainable solutions, where the vision is to connect foreign players with Norwegian solutions.

It is free to become part of the service and requires only a simple registration from the company:

Register for The Explorer as a Norwegian company
Register for The Explorer as an international company

Many of our partners and members are marketing their solutions for free in The Explorer:

Find your New Customer

The benefits for you as a Norwegian company are:

  • Free marketing - your solution is made visible through The Explorer's digital and social channels.
  • You get a tailored, English sales pitch for your solution.
  • You will be part of Norway's export efforts for green and sustainable solutions and approved for promotion in presentations and events.

The benefits for non-Norwegian companys are:

  • Easy access to vetted green and sustainable solutions from Norway
  • Relevant solutions matched according to preferences
  • Direct contact with the right person at the company

Read more about THE Explorer and register.

Contact Information

Kjersti Boge Christensen

Communication and Event Manager

Kjersti Boge Christensen

The Explorer

The Explorer is a free matchmaking service for connecting global challenges with green solutions.

It is Norway's official marketplace for green technology, but non-Norwegian companies can also register.