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Funding for Demonstration and Innovation Projects

The next application "cut-off" for industry lead projects from the Research Council of Norway is 15 September. GCE Ocean Technology can help you select the right programmes, find partners, apply for funding and support you with pre-project funding.

The funding shall stimulate companies to invest in research and development, which increases their competitiveness, growth and sustainable value creation.

Innovation Projects

The announcement covers the breadth of Norwegian businesses, including ocean and petroleum. The applicant must be a Norwegian registered company with economic activity in Norway.

The programme is targeting projects with significant amount of research, typically in collaboration with a customer/end user and research institute/university. You can typically receive up to about 50% public funding, but this will be evaluated in each case depending on project activities and the size of the company.

For more information: Innovasjonsprosjekt i næringslivet 2021 (

Demonstration Projects

The aim of a demonstration project is to pilot new technology under real conditions. You need an end user/operator as part of the project, but there is no need for research activity in a demonstration project.

For more details: Demonstrasjonsprosjekt i næringslivet (

Free Advice About Pre-project Funding

GCE Ocean Technology provides free financial and professional support and advice for our partners and members, to establish externally funded RDI projects.

So far, we have succeeded in helping cluster companies with securing more than 1.7 Billion NOK in externallay funded projects, owned and run by cluster companies.

Please do not hesitate to contact Jon Hellevang (R&D Manager) at an early stage to see how we can contribute.

Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang

Free Advice

Jon Hellevang is R&D Manager in GCE Ocean Technology and has more than 15 years of experience from research, development and innovation at the interface between industry and research.

Hellevang has been central in the establishment of a number of successful project applications, including our application for status as a Global Center of Expertise.

With experience from both industry and research institutes, and an evaluator of various applications, he has useful tips and insight into how to succeed in securing public funding.