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Are You Ready to take the Plunge?

The Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) now offers a master's program in innovation and entrepreneurship as a part-time study. You can combine work and study and add important innovation skills to your workplace.

The master's program in innovation and entrepreneurship provides a win-win effect for employers and employees.

Why Pursue a Masters's Degree

There is a number of reasons to why it is a good idea to pursue a masters's degree:

  • The workplace receives updated innovation expertise for own product development and introduction to new markets.
  • You build on your own engineering or realist competence and gain interdisciplinary knowledge about innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • You get to participate in an interdisciplinary student environment - with all types of engineers and realists.
  • You can write a master's thesis on innovation in your own business, and carry out useful research for the business.
  • The Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) works closely with regional industrial clusters and the entrepreneurial environments and give you a larger network.
  • In the internships you can work with innovative innovation projects in your own company, with guidance from the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL).

Through this program you will learn more about:

  • innovation management and innovation strategy
  • commercialisation
  • applied technology development and prototyping
  • implementation of innovation processes in close interaction with customers and users with new methodologies

Target Group for this Study

If you work with innovation or want to work with innovation and applied technology in established businesses or if you want to start your own business or get a qualification to a business PhD, you should consider this masters programme.

More information about the study can be found at

For more information about this study, feel free to contact the program manager:

Inger Beate Pettersen
Mohn Centre for Innovation and Regional development
Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL).

Contact Information

Kjersti Boge Christensen

Communication Manager

Kjersti Boge Christensen


The part-time study in innovation and entrepreneurship is an offer to take the 2-year master's program over several years.

The education is aimed at people who work with innovation in existing businesses, entrepreneurs who are involved in their own start-up projects, or other people at work who want to raise their skills with a master's degree.

Normal study time on the part-time course is 4 years.

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