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CCB Subsea Receives Innovation Funding for new Circular Economy Concept


Innovation Norway supports further development of CCB Subsea’s Sharing and Circular Economy business concept; a system conversion kit to enable reuse and upcycling of permanently installed subsea equipment.

The new conversion concept has the potential of enabling reuse of existing well systems in new applications. This will give significant cost savings, reduced risk and reduced production down-time in connection with life extension of wells.

The innovation project will in its first phase include a conceptual study of design basis, barrier philosophy, 3D modelling and close interaction with industry stakeholders. The next phase will include detailed engineering and modelling, establishing basis for construction and testing assessment.

– The CCB Subsea engineering team would like to thank Innovation Norway for the support. We work continuously with innovating new circular economy concepts to enable the reuse of equipment for sustainable life extension of subsea fields, says Fredrik Normann Hansen, Engineering Manager of CCB Subsea.

Sharing Economy Concept

Innovation Norway has previously supported CCB Subsea with developing a digital platform for sharing subsea equipment and tools, initiated in 2016 in cooperation with the major operators Lundin, Shell and Vår Energi.

An application of the sharing portal was acquired by Norwegian Oil and Gas Association (NOROG) in 2019 and launched as SubQuip in 2020 with 12 Norwegian operators as partners and participants.

CCB Subsea is supporting the SubQuip operators as consultants through NOROG, identifying sharing-business cases and solving daily technical and operational matters. Operators have already experienced the value of sharing; significantly reducing operational downtime, reducing environmental footprint, and item lead time to enable earlier production start-up.

SubQuip is part of NOROG’s Supply Chain Management digital collaboration toolbox Virtual Inventory planned presented for the cluster by NOROG in February 2021.

GCE Ocean Technology focuses on sharing economy and circular economy and have recently established a joint project involving sharing employees across the cluster.

Join our meeting 9 December 12-13:00 to learn more and join the project.

Valuable Support from GCE Ocean Technology

– GCE Ocean Technology supported CCB Subsea with project funding advise. We appreciate the contribution which led to this successful award from Innovation Norway, says Fredrik Normann Hansen.

GCE Ocean Technology's advice are instrumental for small and medium-sized technology companies, Cristian V. Carter, CEO CCB Subsea.

GCE Ocean Technology provides financial and professional support and advice for free to establish externally funded RDI projects for our partners and members.

In 2019 we also supported CCB Subsea with pre-project funding to explore the international potential for their sharing platform.

Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang

CCB Subsea is a cross-vendor supplier of subsea and drilling engineering and maintenance services with focus on supporting our clients with sharing and circular economy concepts.

Established in 2016, the company has already earned its reputation for high quality and predictable deliveries.

Our lean business is flexible and highly competitive and draws attention form both existing customers and new ones entering the energy industry.

We offer our cross-vendor engineering expertise in FEED studies and concept selections with focus on sustainable investments of subsea equipment and tools.

Further we offer engineering, project execution and operational services on both new and brown-field subsea projects, and every kind of maintenance from storage maintenance of subsea tools to full re-certification of well control equipment.

As part of both the CCB and NorSea Group of companies CCB Subsea is the hub of all subsea services at virtually every base location in Norway and other base locations operated by the groups abroad

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CCB Subsea has been a member of GCE Ocean Technology since 2016.