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An Eventful 2019 – Annual Report

More than 120 participants visited Subsea Innovation Day 2019 which will be a digital conference in 2020 due to covid-19.

It has never been more exciting to work with the potential that lies in the ocean industries and our newly launched annual report demonstrates another eventful year for the cluster; GCE Ocean Technology.

Before we review 2019, I will have to address the current Covid-19 situation that we are in the midst of.

No one knows the full repercussions of Covid-19, but they will unabatedly unfold in the months, and maybe, years to come. Simultaneously, we are dealing with the historically low oil prices, so I think it is safe to predict that the world is facing a new temporary or longer recession that in many ways will disrupt our lives in the years to come.

As we are currently helping our cluster in the crisis, we are simultaneously preparing for the future life and business after Covid-19: forming constellations, providing funding and preparing cluster projects that can help our partners and members and the cluster as a whole, to recover as fast as possible.

It is our clear ambition to assist the cluster at full strength with the major and demanding tasks ahead of us in 2020.

The future opportunities and challenges, more than ever, needs to be grasped and solved in new innovative ways and many of the solutions exist within our small and large partners and members.

2019 Review

At the start of 2019, we implemented a new name and a refined, focused strategy for the cluster. This gave us a clearer and broader scope for our work in the ocean industries, so this year we have focused even more on activities that can help the cluster grow into related markets in addition to oil and gas.

An access to new markets stimulates growth, reduce risk and improve cash flow for our partners and members.

In our annual report you can read about:

  • Stories and results from signal projects
  • Entrepreneurship and business development programmes
  • Digitalisation and artificial intelligence efforts
  • Funding schemes and support of SFI applications
  • New Market stories
  • Our activities, events and courses
  • Photo glimpses from the cluster year
  • Key figures for the facilitator


Flip through our annual report below or download (in Norwegian only).

ANNUAL REPORT 2019 - in Norwegian only

Contact Information

Owe Hagesæther

Chief Executive Officer

Owe Hagesæther

Flip it

Flip through our annual report (in Norwegian).


GCE Ocean Technology are here to help our members in this precarious situation with Covid-19.

Read our guide of helpful measures offered from inside and outside of the cluster.

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