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Webinar: Guided Ultrasonic Waves for level measurement

13. January 2023, 11:30 - 12:00


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From left: Jan Biti, Jarle Haugness, Dmitri Gorski and Uwe Lieske from Nicoustic.

Learn how to use Guided Ultrasonic Waves for level monitoring in separators and other vessels and tanks. Join our Ocean Lunch & Learn webinar with Nicoustic.

Accurate measurement of levels in separators and tanks is challenging. Most instruments available today require a flanged connection or penetration into the vessel, which rises two concerns:

The first one is that many vessels have very aggressive atmosphere, where probes quickly stop functioning according to their specification.

The second one is that some vessels, a first-stage offshore separator, for example, run for years without shutdown. Any maintenance on the inside of such a vessel is, for all practical purposes, not possible.

Based on Equinor innovation challenge

Equinor and Fraunhofer IKTS entered a cooperation with the goal of developing a non-intrusive level measurement for separators and other vessels.

Participation of Fraunhofer IKTS was not a coincidence, as they have decades of experience in using Guided Ultrasonic Waves for measurement. This principle is commonly used for integrity monitoring, using it for level monitoring was a novel idea.

Nicoustic established

After several years of research and investigations, Nicoustic AS was established in Trondheim in June 2022. The company builds on the success of the research project with the goal to further develop and commercialize level monitoring technology based on Guided Ultrasonic Waves.

One of the co-founders and Vice President of technology in Nicoustic is Uwe Lieske, a former research manager from Fraunhofer IKTS who recently moved from Dresden to Trondheim.

Together with his new colleagues with background in Equinor and service companies, Dmitri Gorski and Jarle Haugness, Uwe will discuss Guided Ultrasonic Waves and the potential of non-intrusive level measurement.

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The webinar is open for all and free of charge.


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Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang


Nicoustic was established in Trondheim in 2022 based on 20 years of applied research at Fraunhofer IKTS and an innovation challenge by Equinor.

The goal is to develop a next level monitoring of solids and fluids in pressure vessels utilizing non-intrusive technology based on Guided Ultrasonic Waves.

Webinar series

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The webinar will be open for all to participate.

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