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Oil and Gas Meets Aquaculture - Phase 3

We are starting phase three of this successfull project looking into technology from the oil and gas industry that can be used in aquaculture, and we invite you to join.

Through close collaboration with our sister cluster, NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster and their access to fish farmers, the oil and gas companies have gained valuable new knowledge about all aspects of the aquaculture industry.

Through the project we will provide you with an understanding of the needs of the aquaculture industry so you can offer solutions to many of their challenges. Previous programmes have shown that this is an important tool for restructuring in our business community.

Join the Project

We are looking to recruit potential participants for the program Oil and Gas meets Aquaculture.

If you would like to participate in this project, please contact Kai Stoltz, Business Development Manager in GCE Ocean Technology.

Project Owners

GCE Ocean Technology and NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster

Period 2021

Funded by project owners

Result Our aim is to spurr technology transfer from the oil and gas industry to the aquaculture industry. The aquaculture industry needs technology that can increase value creation, sustainability and fish welfare, as well as run the business smarter and autonomously.

Contact Information

Kai Stoltz

Business Development Manager

Kai Stoltz