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A project to increase innovation in the ocean industries, through mobilisation and joint cluster activities.

As the Covid-19 pandemic unfolded in 2020, many companies experience a rapid change in the marked situation.

This project was established to support companies with developing new RDI-project with the potential to transition into new markets, learn more about public funding possibilities as well as systemising cluster knowledge in a joint e-learning platform.

The project involved the following three main components:

Project Owners GCE Ocean Technology
Particpants About 100 different companies attended GCE Ocean Technology's webinars about funding opportunities and 15 companies received one-on-one input and advice.
Period 2020-2021
Funding Funding 1 million NOK from Vestland County Council
Result Established the Members Area at, where partners and members of GCE Ocean Technology can access e-learning, webinars, presentations and reports from the cluster work and the market. Moreover, the project mapped innovation needs and helped members with securing externally funded projects.


Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang