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Centre for Sustainable Subsurface Resources

Site visit at Norther Lights facilities in Øygarden.
Site visit at Norther Lights facilities in Øygarden.

The Centre for Sustainable Subsurface Resources is a long-term industry-oriented research centre of high international standard.

The main ambitions for CSSR are to provide the knowledge required for the Norwegian petroleum industry to transition to zero-emissions production and clean energy resources in the next decades.

Intermittency of renewable power and late-life conversion to H2/CO2 storage place new demands on how petroleum reservoirs are understood and managed.

CSSR will provide improved subsurface understanding and updated digital tools to meet the challenges of future reservoir operations and explore business opportunities in the green transition.

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Project Owners NORCE and the University of Bergen
Particpants Equinor, Sumitomo Corporation, Wintershall dea, Schlumberger, GCE Ocean Technology, Universitat Stuttgart, TNO, Oregon State University, TUDelft, Imperial College London.
Period 5+3 years. Starting 2022.
Funding Total budget: 170 mNOK (36% industry, 17% FoU) The Research Council of Norway

Industry-Oriented Research Targets:

  • Evidence-based screening criteria for optimal operations to meet zero-emissions targets.
  • Comprehensive digital toolbox to better equip operators to transition to a variable electrical power supply.
  • Business model that adds granularity to the subsurface component in different net-zero scenarios for a range of NCS fields.


Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang