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Programme Launched for UTC

UTC 2023. Photo by Christel Mathiesen.
UTC 2023. Photo by Christel Mathiesen.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Underwater Technology Conference 2024 programme, celebrating our 30th event.

This meeting, set in Bergen, Norway from June 11th to 13th, promises a comprehensive look into the latest advancements in underwater technology.

It's an opportunity to share your knowledge, learn from leading experts, explore innovative solutions, and network with the industry. We welcome you to join us for three days of shaping the future of subsea technology.


This year’s conference theme, “Affordable Energy”, holds significant importance as we’ve all maneuvered the Energy Trilemma, focusing on energy security, affordability, and environmental sustainability.

Energy affordability aims to provide reasonably priced energy for everyone, urging the industry to offer efficient, cost-effective energy solutions through advancements in subsea technology.

To us, affordable energy is about letting technology be a key driver to a more efficient energy production.

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Mads Hjelmeland - OneSubsea

The opening keynote, titled “Ensuring affordable and reliable energy through subsea technology” will give us a technology perspective on this year’s theme.

Monica Bjørkmann - Subsea7 / Offshore Norge

As SVP Norway at Subsea7 and Chairman of the Board at Offshore Norge, Monica offers perspectives from the operational aspects of Affordable Energy


Prajeev Rasiah - DNV

Development of energy mix, technology, supply and demand towards 2050. Executive Vice President & Regional Director, Northern Europe Prajeev Rasiah will take us through the DNV Energy Outlook from a subsea point of view.

Kelly Ripley - Shell

With the presentation title “Energy Transition and Porous Media: An Industrial Megaproject Perspective” Kelly will focus on Carbon Capture and Storage – why and how is it currently scaling up fast?



Maiza Goulart & Suen Marcet - Petrobras

As R&D Executive Manager and Subsea Systems Executive Manager, Maiza and Suen will give an international perspective on opportunities and challenges in Brazil.


Trond Bokn - Equinor

Subsea tie-backs, the key to the energy transition and why the future is subsea. Trond Bokn, head of Project Development, accountable for all project development deliveries in Equinor, will give us his take on what lies ahead.


Oddgeir Dalane - Vår Energi

As head of project development in Vår Energi, Oddgeir will talk about delivering growth through projects and value creation in a subsea marked.

Debate - Young Voices

Tine Trøen from Eviny will lead us through new perspectives when these young professionals meet on stage.

  • Pauline Øien – Vind AI
  • Pedro Nunes – Aker BP
  • Hanne Rygg – Siemens Energy
  • Christina Koukoura – Ørsted
  • Håkon Hasli - Microsoft

Themes of the technical program

Technology is a key driver to navigate all aspects of the energy trilemma. UTC is proud to present a highly relevant technical program that highlights the important advances made towards Affordable Energy.

The themes of the technical sessions will be further explored as we approach the conference, but first and foremost we encourage you to deep-dive into the abstract texts of the presentations selected.

  • Subsea Processing
  • Digital Field Development
  • Subsea Field Development
  • Offshore Renewable Energy
  • Offshore Floating Wind
  • All-Electric SPS
  • Subsea Remote Operations
  • Subsea Carbon Transport & Storage

Calling all students and graduates

Submitting a student abstract to UTC 2024 is a unique opportunity to showcase your research and ideas to industry experts and peers in the field of underwater technology. The selected abstracts get a chance to present to the subsea community froom the UTC stage. Not only does it offer a platform for academic and professional growth, but it also provides a chance to win 10,000 kroners. UTC covers travel and delegate fee for the selected abstracts. Please encourage all students and graduates in your network to take this step towards making a meaningful impact in the underwater technology community.

Rise to the occasion: Share the technology we need to ensure affordable energy. Help us drive the technology development subsea.

Submit your student abstract before 1 May, 2024


UTC is organised by:

Contact Information

Kai Stoltz

Business Development Manager

Kai Stoltz


The Underwater Technology Conference (UTC) has a well-known history of presenting highly competent speakers on current and important topics for the subsea industry.

UTC has been arranged in Bergen Norway since 1980 and is hosted by UTF (Underwater Technology foundation) and GCE Ocean Technology.