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Fly with NORCE's research aircraft at One Ocean Week

Norce's reasearch aircraft. Photo: NORCE
Norce's reasearch aircraft. Photo: NORCE

Curious about what a research aircraft can be used for? During One Ocean Week in Bergen from 13 to 19 April, NORCE's research aircraft will be stationed at Flesland. Here, there will be an opportunity to receive a demonstration of the scientific equipment onboard the aircraft and a demo flight in the surrounding area.

The aircraft is a Vulcanair P68C with capacity for 3-4 people and approximately 150 kg of payload. The purpose of the aircraft is to establish a mobile and flexible platform for future research tasks.

Models, data, advanced sensor packages, and analysis are becoming increasingly important to identify, understand, and solve the big questions of our time.

Possible uses include:

  • Measuring snow depth
  • Measuring methane emissions
  • Estimating populations of marine mammals
  • Measuring sea color
  • Mapping, for example, Calanus finmarchicus
  • Testing sensors for drones
  • Counting and mapping, for instance, reindeer
  • Forestry and agriculture, precision agriculture

– At NORCE, we have a unique combination of research and operational staff with expertise across the entire spectrum from platform selection and instrumentation to processing. Our measurement technology professionals collaborate with researchers who have domain knowledge on the correct strategy for data collection. Data can be collected and analyzed in real-time so that flight time is used efficiently, and adjustments can be made along the way, explains Ole Petter Pedersen, who, along with Andreas Tøllefsen, will be participating in One Ocean Week.

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Bergen is the place to be April 13-19, 2024, for debate, experience sharing, and experiences related to sustainable exploitation of the ocean.