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Financial Support for Norwegian SMEs: Apply Now!

Additech's Lasertec printers.
Additech's Lasertec printers.

Members of GCE Ocean Technology and other Siva-approved clusters can now apply for funding among others for prototyping and market research through Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult Centre.

Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult Centre is providing financial support of up to NOK 72,000 to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through its Catapult program.

This initiative aims to assist SMEs in various areas, including prototype development, acquiring knowledge or conducting market research, and obtaining advisory services that can help their business forward.

Support Scheme

The Catapult program is administered by SIVA and is funded through the national budget. This year’s support scheme is as follows:

  • Maximum Funding: NOK 120,000 (excluding VAT)
  • 60% of the funding is provided by SIVA.
  • 40% must be covered by the company itself.

A project can exceed NOK 120,000, but the maximum funding available from SIVA is capped at NOK 72,000, with the company required to cover the remaining NOK 48,000. If the project costs more, the excess amount must be paid by the company.

Who Can Apply

To be eligible for support, companies must be members of a “business garden”, incubator, or SIVA-approved cluster, such as GCE Ocean Technology. Additionally, they must qualify as an SME, defined as having fewer than 250 employees.

How to Apply

If you are interested or have questions, don't hesitate to contact Thea Båtevik, Innovation Consultant at GCE Ocean Technology or Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult. We are ready to discuss your specific needs.

The application process is straightforward, with responses typically provided within a few days, allowing projects to commence promptly.

Contact Information

Thea Båtevik

Innovation Consultant

Thea Båtevik


Ocean Innovation Catapult Centre is one of five catapults in Norway.

The purpose of these catapults is to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with faster, more affordable, and better capabilities to develop ideas, from the concept stage to market introduction.