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Blind Date or Planned Date?

Engage with potential customers and partners within subsea, offshore wind and ocean technologies at Møteforum 8 February in Bergen. Last chance to prioritise your eight speed-meetings is approaching!

Møteforum is an arena for all cluster members to find each other, and to explore partnering opportunities between businesses, startups, SME’s and R&D institutions in the cluster.

Through eight one-on-one meetings our members and partners have the unique opportunity to speed date potential customers and partners all in one place.

Participants that you can meet one-on-one as of 26 January are:

  • CCB - Coast Center Base
  • CCB Subsea
  • Clara Venture Labs
  • CMS Kluge
  • Controlteam
  • DOF Subsea
  • FourPhase
  • Equinor Renewables
  • Equinor (subsea)
  • GCE Ocean Technology
  • Goodtech
  • Gera
  • Høgskulen på Vestlandet
  • Imenco AS
  • Imenco Future Technologies
  • Innovasjon Norge
  • Inventas
  • Insert Logic
  • Knowit
  • Korall Engineering
  • Mainstream Renewable Power
  • Mektron
  • Mjøs Metallvarefabrikk
  • Nordic USV
  • Norges forskningsråd
  • Ocean Harvesting Techniologies AB
  • Odfjell Oceanwind
  • OneSubsea Processing
  • Pro Analysis
  • SFI Smart Ocean
  • Sil Valves
  • Shearwater GeoServices
  • Sotra Contracting – SOCON
  • SubC Solutions
  • TESS
  • Unitech Energy Group
  • Universitetet i Bergen
  • Veltec
  • Waveadapt
  • Westcon Yards
  • Zacco
  • Zephyros Ocean

You will be able to prioritise up to eight meetings with other companies or entities, lasting for about ten minutes each. Please note that companies that want to prioritise meetings have to register before 26 January.

Before the speed dating we will hear short presentations from Christina Schieldrop, VP Equinor Renewables, Trine Pedersen, Global Sales Manager in OneSubsea and Anne Karin Knausgård, Supply Chain Manager in Mainstream Renewable Power.

Contact Information

Karianne Kojen Andersen

Innovation Manager

Karianne Kojen Andersen


Møteforum is an annual event consisting of short meetings between member companies.

This event gives our partner and members the opportunity to present products and services they sell or wish to buy, and discuss collaborative project ideas with each other.