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3 Essential Tips for Navigating Public Funding Opportunities

Karianne Kojen Andersen, Innovation Manager in GCE Ocean Technology.

There is a broad spectrum of funding opportunities available both in Norway and on a global scale. We give you a glimpse of our guideline for applying for public funding.

GCE Ocean Technology help our partners and members with realising their innovative ideas and projects.

This week, we shared insights on how to finance innovation projects at our hybrid event at Høgskulen på Vestlandet (HVL), in collaboration with Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Research Council. 

Here are 3 of the 11 tips we gave regarding applying for public funding:

1. Define Your Goal

What are you aiming to achieve? Be clear about the opportunities, challenges, and risks. Remember, public funding isn't an end in itself, but a tool to bring your company's top-notch projects to life.

2. Seek Guidance

Don't start the application process without consulting the recipient of the application (feel free to reach out to GCE Ocean Technology for insights and advice.

3. Choose the Right Programme

This involves matching the purpose and intent of the programme or call for proposals with your project.

Consider various aspects like:

  • The nature of your project: Is it research, development, or innovation?
  • Your project team: Are you working alone, with customers, research environments, or other partners?
  • Support intensity and hourly rates, including what's covered for equipment and overhead
  • Success rates, which can vary significantly between 5-80%
  • Project timeline
  • Publication and confidentiality issues.
  • Rights and ownership.

You can download our comprehensive guide to Norway's public funding schemes from our Member Area (exclusively for members).

This will help you navigate through Norway and the EU’s funding frameworks, offering numerous tips, checklists, and points for discussion with advisors.

Member Advantages

Our services are complimentary for our partners and members, and we don’t claim any rights or royalties.

We advise getting in touch with us early in your planning. This way, we can offer more tailored advice on the most fitting support scheme for your idea or project.

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Karianne Kojen Andersen

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Karianne Kojen Andersen


GCE Ocean Technology provides professional support and free advice to establish externally funded research, development and innovation projects for our partners and members.

So far, we have succeeded in helping cluster companies in securing about 2.7 billion NOK in external funding for projects owned and run by cluster companies.