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The Ocean Initiative "Blue Quantum Leap" Launched Today

Owe Hagesæther in GCE Ocean Technology (left), Kirsti Slotsvik in GCE Blue Maritime (ÅKP) and Tor Arnesen in Energy Transition Norway.

The Norwegian ocean industries could play a central role in developing solutions to the climate and energy crisis, both nationally and internationally.

The "Blue Quantum Leap" was launched today at an event at Youngstorget in Oslo.

It is the industry clusters Energy Transition Norway in Stavanger, GCE Blue Maritime in Ålesund, and GCE Ocean Technology in Bergen, that have developed the initiative, in collaboration with the consulting firm PwC.

– To succeed, we must consolidate our efforts across regions and sectors. Therefore, the "Blue Quantum Leap" is a national initiative, and a driving force for green energy transition and future-oriented business development within ocean-based industries, says cluster leaders Tor Arnesen, Owe Hagesæther, and Kirsti Slotsvik.

The vision behind the "Blue Quantum Leap" is to develop a world-leading ocean-based value chain in Norway that will address some of our time's biggest challenges; reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, affordable and renewable energy, and increased exports from the mainland industry.

The development work is financed by the counties of Rogaland, Vestland, and Møre og Romsdal.

What and Why the Blue Quantum Leap

The initiative will initially focus on the future energy system at sea (offshore wind, CCUS, hydrogen) and green maritime solutions. Eventually, other parts of the ocean industries may also be included.

The "Blue Quantum Leap" initiative raises ambitions, accelerates the pace, and strengthens the implementation capacity and collaboration.

– We must acknowledge that progress is not fast enough now, and that we have worked too fragmented. Through the "Blue Quantum Leap," we will develop and finance large innovation projects, carry out growth and internationalisation programmess, and develop new value chains, explain the cluster leaders.

Will not Replace the Cluster

The "Blue Quantum Leap" is a national effort and is not meant to replace GCE Ocean Technology. Our cluster will still have many important tasks.

However, through the "Blue Quantum Leap," companies in our region will also be able to participate in major national innovation projects, and growth and internationalization programs.

– This is a great advantage for the companies, the region, and the industry, states CEO, Owe Hagesæther.

Regional launch

– The business community has taken strong ownership of the "Blue Quantum Leap," and the initiative will be market-oriented. But we are also in close dialogue with central departments, the counties along the coast, and leading university and research environments. We will not succeed unless this becomes a joint national effort, says the cluster leaders.

The goal is for the "Blue Quantum Leap" to be operational from January 1, 2025. Initially, a five-year program period is planned.

Both the business community, the authorities, academia, and labor market parties support the rationale behind the "Blue Quantum Leap. – It's a good starting point, says Hagesæther of GCE Ocean Technology.

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