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Rapid Geology secures innovation contract with Aker BP

Photo: Daniel Patel, CEO of Rapid Geologyat Startuplabs 2030 Climate Headaches Summit
Photo: Daniel Patel, CEO of Rapid Geologyat Startuplabs 2030 Climate Headaches Summit

The company has secured a funding of 1.1 million NOK from Innovation Norway, with Aker BP onboard as a pilot customer and project partner.

– We are very thankful to have received funding from Innovation Norway which will help us move to the next level, says, founder and CEO of Rapid Geology Daniel Patel.

– Having Aker BP on board as a pilot customer helps us ensure industry relevance from a solid and competent company.

Improves collaboration across disciplines

It is a challenge to efficiently communicate potentially complex geological information to both geologists and non-geologists. – Transferring the mental models and images that geologists envision in their heads onto paper is not easy, explains Patel.

– Our 3D software will help people working with terrains and the subsurface to easily express and illustrate their thoughts and plans.

The software is meant to be versatile, so Rapid Geology is working with users and cases in the domains of oil and gas, CO2 storage, and geotechnical engineering.

Their tool can be used to create geological block diagrams and animations, visualization and understanding of geohazards and for optimizing reuse of mass in building and construction projects.

– The goal is to release the software by the end of 2024, says Patel.

Several benefits

Faster and better evaluation of different options, improving collaboration and better planning saves time and are among the key benefits of the software solution.

– We also very much appreciate the advice from GCE Ocean Technology in the process of securing funding and regarding the business development. It is very valuable to us as a startup company to have the cluster supporting us, Patel ends.

Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang


Rapid Geology is an easy-to-learn 3D drawing and communication tool where you can quickly create geological models, illustrations, animations, and stories. The company was spun out from NORCE in 2020.