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Wsense raises €9 million for underwater WiFi

Photo by WSense
Photo by WSense

Italian tech firm WSense has secured €9 million in funding for its cutting-edge underwater WiFi networks, among the investors are Aker owned Runway FBU. 

Their platform changes the way one monitors the ocean space to support the collection, visualisation and analysis of data from the water - a resource that covers 70% of the planet and of which more than 80% is unknown and unmapped.

This technology ensures real-time, long-lasting monitoring over vast areas, revolutionising underwater surveillance of environments, waterways, and marine seabeds.

The funding round which was led by SWEN Blue Ocean and CDP Ventures, RunwayFBU, Axon Partners Group, Katapult Ocean, CoreAngels Climate and Moonstone were among the investors.

Chiara Petrioli, WSense co-founder and CEO says “This new round and especially the trust of the new international investors allow us to further strengthen our technology leadership in an increasingly competitive market.

Thanks to our ability in enabling technologies that were previously impossible in the marine environment, along with our ability to develop cutting edge solutions, I believe WSense is well positioned to make a positive impact to our planet.

We are in fact developing partnerships that consolidate us in emerging areas such as marine renewable energy, submarine autonomous robotics, and infrastructure security and surveillance." 

Bonded to Norwegian networks

WSense is a member of the GCE Ocean Technology Cluster and an industry partner in the Norwegian centre for research-based innovation: SFI Smart Ocean which aims to create a wireless observation system for multi-parameter monitoring of underwater environments and installations.

For more information contact:

Chiara Petrioli
Founder & CEO WSense


W•SENSE is a deep-tech company, born as a  spinoff of Sapienza University in Rome, specialized in underwater monitoring and communication systems, based on patented technologies that have pioneered the Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT).