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Several deep sea minerals discoveries

Photo from Deep Insight Research Expedition – part of the EMINENT project
Photo from Deep Insight Research Expedition – part of the EMINENT project

Join the Deep Sea Minerals conference 6-7 December in Bergen. Get the latest news on national and international activities to explore if seabed minerals can be part of the solution for the energy transition.

We look forward to hearing exciting preliminary results from the Deep Insight Research Expedition headed by the University of Bergen.

This is one of several recent discoveries in Norwegian waters, to be presented at the conference, which gives reason for optimism related to the resource potential.

See the full program and sign up.

Proposing to open for industrial activities

The interest for deep sea minerals is growing in Norway, sparked by the government's proposal to open for industrial activities.

The Deep Sea Minerals conference is a great place to meet, discuss and learn more about the challenges and possibilities facing this possible new ocean industry.

You will meet a good mix of leading national and international researcher, industry professional, NGOs and governmental agencies addressing different aspects of deep sea minerals.

Addressing environmental concerns

A key concern by many is the opening process both nationally and internationally moving forward with limited knowledge.

The conference will feature sessions covering environmental concern and challenges as well as monitoring technologies and mitigation strategies.

You will also learn more about the latest technology and concepts for exploration, production and processing of seabed minerals.

Jon Hellevang R&D Manager in GCE Ocean Technology will moderate a panel debate titled “hype vs reality”.

The debate will address the key concerns, drivers and timeline to establish a possible new industry.

What role can deep sea mining have in the energy transition and when do the different stakeholders expect peak mining? Is it worth all the risk and hassle going offshore or should we rather focus on land-based mining and the transition into a circular economy?

We hope you will join the debate.

Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang

Deep Sea Minerals

An international conference to be arranged for the 3nd time 5-7 December in Bergen Norway.

The conference is targeting industry professionals, environmental groups, policymakers, the geoscience community and other stakeholders who are eager to learn more about an emerging global industry.