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Ormen Lange: Thought leadership on the energy trilemma

Ormen Lange Phase 3 is one of OneSubsea’s flagship projects—a fully subsea-to-beach subsea gas compression system that will be powered by hydroelectricity from the Norwegian grid, making it one of the lowest carbon-intensive projects in the industry.

Operated by A/S Norske Shell, the Ormen Lange gas field lies at a water depth of 800 – 1,000 meter in the Norwegian Sea, 120 km off the west coast of Norway. The field began producing in 2007, and today it meets up to 20% of the UK’s gas needs.

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OneSubsea will be delivering a subsea compression system, which will unlock an additional 30-50 billion cubic meters of natural gas from the field, increasing recovery rate from 75% to 85%.

To achieve this, two compressor stations will be installed close to the field at a water depth of 900 meter, which will be powered from shore through a 120 km long umbilical. This is an industry first and an enabler for the wider industry.

The system is a real gamechanger. Compared to previously evaluated solutions for Ormen Lange, the OneSubsea system is significantly smaller in size and weight, and more cost effective. The performance of the system has recently been validated by a dedicated technology qualification program, demonstrating that the system can be operated from shore through a record-braking stepout distance.

Earlier this year, the EU officially classified natural gas as green energy, further supporting the importance of increasing gas production and extending the lifespan of fields such as Ormen Lange.

Energy security is not just about having uninterrupted access to energy, but also about securing energy supplies at an affordable price, while minimizing our environmental impact.

With the Ormen Lange project, OneSubsea is demonstrating how through its technology can help address the energy trilemma of balancing the three competing priorities of energy security, affordability, and environmental sustainability.

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OneSubsea is togheter with Equinor and Aker Solutions the main sponsors of the Underwater Technology Conference in Bergen in June.

UTC is by many considered to be the best underwater technology conference world wide. Here, new contacts are created, knowledge is shared, and important relations and network cultivated. UTC is where innovation is introduced and where the spark for further cooperation and new technology solutions is lit.

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UTF (Underwater Technology Foundation) and GCE Ocean Technology are, as the hosts of the 29th annual Underwater Technology Conference (UTC), happy to welcome you to Grieghallen in Bergen, Norway 13-15 June 2023. We expect more than 500 delegates and 30 exhibitors from around the globe to be present.




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The Underwater Technology Conference (UTC) has a well-known history of presenting highly competent speakers on current and important topics for the subsea industry.

UTC has been arranged in Bergen Norway since 1980 and is hosted by UTF (Underwater Technology foundation) and GCE Ocean Technology.