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Students on the future of clusters

Thea Daltveit and Anja Hodneland Gjertsen, students at HVL, defended their thesis this week at HVL (photo).
Thea Daltveit (top) and Anja Hodneland Gjertsen, students at HVL, defended their Master thesis about clusters this week.

Anja and Thea’s Master's thesis explores the future development of the GCE Ocean Technology Cluster.

The two are students at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL), and Thea Daltveit defended their thesis this week together with fellow student Anja Hodneland Gjertsen.

Their thesis is addressing how the cluster could develop in the coming years to add the value needed to its partners and members.

– I found working with the cluster team to be very interesting and rewarding. Where, among other things, I have gained a direct insight into how clusters facilitate innovation and networking across borders, says Daltveit.

Photo: Thea Daltveit with the Master thesis.

A catalyst for crossover technology

70 partners and members of the cluster responded to a survey, and eleven one-to-one interviews were performed with member companies, employees of GCE Ocean Technology and the NCE Maritime Cleantech cluster.

While many companies expressed numerous wishes on what to do more of, it is harder to get specific feedback on where to reduce the cluster efforts, according to Daltveit.

The students recommended that GCE Ocean Technology continue with its strategy of a broad ocean technology focus, as this opens for more innovation, learning and business opportunities across different industries.

As a Global Centre of Expertise (GCE), it is important to gather key Norwegian players and have a global perspective, while at the same time keeping in touch with all the local companies. Collaboration is key, and this can be facilitated and organised in different ways as demonstrated in the assignment.

– We are very satisfied with the work done by the students, and we will take the new insights with us in to the further strategic process for the cluster, says Owe Hagesæther, CEO of GCE Ocean Technology.

– The cluster theme is something I find very exciting, and which I would like to learn even more about. One thing is certain, I will definitely be following clusters in the future, and especially GCE Ocean Technology ends Daltveit.

An opportunity for your company at Ocean Young

– All companies should tap into the excellent capacity found in student work, says Thea Båtevik, Innovation Consultant at GCE Ocean Technology.

Båtevik is the project manager of Ocean Young, a student conference held at HVL in Bergen this autumn. 15 companies have already joined in on the conference to recruit students for summer jobs, student assignments, and more. Book your spot soon – there are seven spots available .

From last year's exhbition at HVL.

Recruit a student

GCE Ocean Technology collaborates with academia to connect students and companies.

Students are eager to collaborate with businesses through assignment collaborations, and student projects are ideal for exploring new ideas, acquiring new knowledge, and increasing your company's innovation capacity, says Båtevik.

Companies interested in booking a stand at Ocean Young on 13 September or learn more about student assignments can contact Thea Båtevik.

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