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Start-ups piloting their technology in Atlantic ports

Dimeq’s unique technology bracelet and Havkraft’s wave power converter have been chosen to enter a pool of startup solutions that will be developed as pilots in 30 Atlantic ports.

– It’s great that we get the chance to sit down with a number of ports in the Atlantic basin to see how Havkraft can contribute with technology to ensure a green and sustainable development of these important ports, says Geir Arne Solheim, CEO of Havkraft which progressed as one of six companies in the area of "Clean Energy sources for Ports".

Havkraft and Dimeq were among the top 70 finalists for the AspBAN Open Innovation Program and progressed as two of 40 companies to be developed as pilots in the Atlantic ports.

– We are confident that our HAVKRAFT N-CLASS will be able to contribute to opening up new opportunities for several of the ports. We don't have much time, but it is essential to think about quality in the long term so that the green shift is a success in every possible way.

The world's ports can become important hubs for the green shift, where wave power will be an important and available source of energy for the transition, so it will be central to look at the location of power stations to avoid conflict with other activities, Geir Arne Solheim, CEO, Havkraft.

The Atlantic Smart Ports Blue Acceleration Network (AspBAN) program aims to support European start-ups in the ocean industries with accelerating and scaling up sustainable solutions for the blue economy and GCE Ocean Technology is one of the partners.

– Our power plants are the most flexible in the world and will be installed nearshore as floating and mobile installations. This opens up great opportunities for the Atlantic ports in the years to come, says Solheim.

Unique technology bracelet

Dimeq has developed a bracelet full of technology that among other things shows the location of offshore crew on a boat and can contribute to eliminating deaths among fishermen.

The bracelet and the technology are unique in Norway and last year the company was included in Equinor and Techstars' accelerator program as one of nine companies. Dimeq has also taken part in GCE Ocean Technology’s growth regime: Ocean Tech Scaling Program.

The company progressed as the only company in the area of "Port facilities for Off-shore energy".

On to a week’s bootcamp in Lisbon

Both Dimeq and Havkraft have been chosen to participate in a one-week Bootcamp in Lisbon in January to enter pilot projects with ports in Europe based on their pitching sessions for international investors, end-users, European Ports and mentors in the Atlantic Smart Ports Blue Acceleration Network (AspBAN) programme.

The next phase is a one-week bootcamp in Lisbon where they will gain access to 142 strategic partners across Atlantic ports.

Moreover, an opportunity to scale and test their products using real data in a live environment, networking and partnerships with other players in the pool, and to receive feedback and mentorship from experts on the Blue Economy sector.

Cluster contribution

– This is an important European collaborative project, says Bjarte Fagerås, Senior R&D Advisor in GCE Ocean Technology.

GCE Ocean Technology has led the work package on Acceleration Services in AspBAN giving support to 80 start-ups in the blue economy.

Bjarte has led the work in recruiting and building the national and international mentor network that has and will support the companies through all phases of the program.

Both Dimeq and Havkraft are members of GCE Ocean Technology.

– We are very happy to see that it is useful to get involved in various communities and networks, ends Solheim.

Contact Information

Bjarte Fagerås

Senior R&D Advisor

Bjarte Fagerås


GCE Ocean Technology is partner in the Atlantic Smart Ports Blue Acceleration Network (AspBAN) which is the establishment of a partnership between EU Atlantic ports for the development of a blue accelerator scheme that can stimulate innovative businesses in an innovation ecosystem to foster a sustainable blue economy.

AspBAN is funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) of the European Union and is based on the successful experience of Bluetech Accelerator – Ports & Shipping 4.0 in Portugal.

The projects' main goal is to achieve a final pool of 30 innovative start-up solutions developed as pilots in 30 Atlantic ports, attracting 6M€ in direct private investment, mobilizing 4,5billion€ of potential private investment and making a reduction of at least 100.000 tons of CO2 emissions in the operations of the 30 ports.