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New concept for offshore wind

 Illustration of OceanGrid.
Illustration of OceanGrid.

Fjord Base wants to be a player in the assembly of offshore wind turbines and the pilot turbine from the Norwegian newly started company OceanGrid will be installed in Florø.

The INC Group could reveal the great news to the Minister of Petroleum and Energy Marte Mjøs Persen when she visited Fjord Base in Florø last week.

Floating Substructures assembled in Florø

Power supply from offshore wind has been pointed out as the solution to provide enough renewable energy, and the Norwegian newly started company OceanGrid, has developed a concept for floating substructures that will help reduce costs and shorten the time for developing offshore wind.

This is necessary for offshore wind to help meet national and international needs for renewable energy. Offshore wind is expected to be a new, Norwegian industry that can take over after oil and gas activity.

Fjord Base will assemble the offshore wind turbines from OceanGrid at their 1,000,000 m² of industrial area in Florø. Here, investments are constantly being made and the area is being expanded, thus they are now Norway's largest supply base embracing a complete business cluster consisting of 65 different companies and 675 employees.

INC Group has entered into the ownership side of OceanGrid, which will develop and sell a new type of floaters for offshore wind turbines. This collaboration means that the prototype for the offshore wind turbine will be installed at Fjord Base which has extensive experience as a complete logistics supplier, and the necessary infrastructure and location.

A focal point for the green shift

Fjord Base are working on several exciting projects that will contribute to a more sustainable industry, more legs to stand on and new jobs - and invite you to visit them so they can show- and-tell about their future plans for hydrogen plants, fish on land and biogas.

Vestland County Municipality has pointed to Fjord Base as one of 16 areas where there is a real focus on the green shift. INC Group aims to become a significant player in renewable energy and sustainable industry, and are making large investments to make this happen.

For more information or to visit contact:

Bjarte Nordvik
CEO OceanGrid

Stig Førde
CEO Fjord Base AS

Contact Information

Kjersti Boge Christensen

Communication Manager

Kjersti Boge Christensen


The INC Group is concerned with creating activity in the local community. Our companies have developed into a large group and are an important part of the business community in Flora municipality.

INC Group has activities in oil and gas, technical services, real estate development, aquaculture, subsea and industrial maintenance.

The INC Group consists of a number of companies, which are engaged in a wide range of services and markets.

The majority of these are related to the oil supply base Fjord Base in Florø, with the companies Fjord Base AS as a real estate company and Saga Fjordbase AS as an operating company.