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We need your help to test anti-biofouling!

SFI Smart Ocean wants to map the formation of biofouling on different types of surfaces, and find methods to counteract biofouling, and needs to come in contact with players who can deliver surface samples.

To succeed in finding methods to counteract biofouling (eg by coating the samples with different nano-surfaces with anti-biofouling properties), they need surface samples that are the exact surfaces used in their system, ie samples made of exact material and with the same surface quality as their surface.

The samples will be processed at NORCE's plant in Bergen (Norway). They are tested in salt water, but if desired, we can also perform tests in fresh water. Biofouling components such as algae and bacteria are supplied by NORCE and UiB.

Please, contact if you can contribute.


SFI Smart Ocean's vision is realisation of a generic autonomous and flexible wireless multi-parameter marine observation system for reliable management of a productive and healthy ocean.

The main application is environment, structure and marine life.

GCE Ocean Technology has played a major role in the conceptualisation and establishment of Smart Ocean, that was granted SFI status June 2020.

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Contact Information

Bjarte Fagerås

Senior R&D Advisor

Bjarte Fagerås
Photo/ill.: Randi H Eilertsen, UiB

SFI Opening

SFI Smart Ocean held its first physical gathering at the Norwegian Ocean Observation Laboratory during fall of 2021.

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