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Join Summer Fellowship Programme with Clara Venture Labs

Do you want to develop breakthrough industrial technology at one of Europe’s leading innovation labs?

Clara Venture Labs are looking for ambitious adventurers to join their summer fellowship program 2022.

  • Are you a top Master or PhD student from a leading European university with a curious mind and strong drive?
  • Do you want to spend your summer developing breakthrough technology with world leading scientists and business builders? Perhaps also spending the weekends exploring the fjords and mountains along the west coast of Norway?

Send your application before February 15th if you want to build the innovations of the future and join an exclusive network of highly successful peers.

Why Clara?

Clara Venture Labs is a venture platform backed by Aker ASA with a mission to develop breakthrough innovations within industrial technology and materials – from ideas to ventures. To successfully achieve this they need world-class engineers, scientists, and business developers with an entrepreneurial spirit capable of working in a high-pace venture environment.

The Clara fellowship program is designed to recruit and develop top talents from the best business schools and technical universities in Europe. Outstanding candidates from the fellowship program will be offered full-time position in Clara or one of the ventures in the portfolio.

The fellowship program is a 6-week program where cross-functional teams of Master and PhD students will work hands-on with exploring ideas and building ventures. The candidates will develop the foundation for new ventures and innovation projects within the fields of the defined Clara innovation themes:

  • Advanced materials
  • Biochemistry
  • Circular economy
  • Clean energy systems
  • New space
  • Resource scarcity

Read more and apply to join Clara's Summer Fellowship Programme


The 2020's will be the most disruptive decade we have seen in our lifetimes.

To support these disruptions, an acceleration in the development of new industrial technology and materials is needed.

Space industry and Earth industry alike demand new solutions, e.g. in the form of new materials for batteries, high-efficiency energy solutions, new transmission technology, at-scale energy storage, light-weight construction and building materials, and much more.

The Nordics is well-positioned to become the driving force in the development and adoption of disruptive technology and solutions, and Clara will take the lead.

Stationed in Bergen, with satellites across Norway, space, ocean space and the Earth alike will be discovered and reinvented by the visionaries of Clara.