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Offshore wind will be Norway's next export adventure

Sjur E. Bratland is Managing Director in NORWEP and presented the Entry Program for Offshore Wind in Bergen 30 November.

The Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry launched offshore wind as the first export initiative in the government's export reform "All of Norway Exports" in a press release this week.

The venture is a public-private collaboration and will help Norwegian actors to take larger shares in the global offshore wind market - where the goal is that Norway will take a 10% share of the global offshore wind market by 2030.

- Norway will become a world-leading offshore wind player. We have technology and expertise from the maritime industry and the oil and gas industry. At the same time, Norwegian businesses has a unique ability to adapt. If the industry and the state invest purposefully and quickly, Norwegian players have a solid opportunity to take market positions on the global offshore wind market, says Vestre.

Read full press release (language: Norwegian).

Entry program will build expertise

The government is setting aside NOK 50 to 90 million for the investment by the end of 2023, depending on the size of the contribution from the business sector.

The most important measures in the initiative according to the press release are:

  • the strengthening of the export-oriented policy apparatus which will contribute to promoting the Norwegian offshore wind sector abroad.
  • closer coordination of the political actors through Team Norway. A common brand will be developed for the Norwegian offshore wind sector, with a particular focus on sustainability and the environment.
  • the "Entry Program Offshore Wind" will contribute to building expertise among Norwegian companies and set them in a good position to compete for international offshore wind contracts.

Innovation Norway and GCE Ocean Technology launched a kick off for the digital entry programme 30 November in Bergen.

Collaborating partners in launching the programme are moreover Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP), Energy Valley, GCE Node, DNV, Haavind, Norwegian Offshore Wind, Eksfin, Fremtidens Havvind and Norsk Industry.

Use your mobile id to easily access this digital Entry program for Offshore wind for free.

Watch our film from the kick-off

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